It’s a New and Fully Powered PiGU!

Hold on and indulge me for a moment, good people, because to explain exactly why what I’m about to show you fills me with absolute mirth will take a minute. If you’re not interested in context, just skip over the jump.

So way back when I first discovered and got into PiGU, I noted that the membership seemed … a little fluid. And then they re-charged, only to almost immediately un-recharge. For one hot minute, it was just Rino and Keikarin even! And then there was Rinka and that girl whose name I forgot, and then Rino was gone and also that other girl and PiGU has, kind of miraculously, managed to span several months’ time as but a wee duo, which is normally a placeholder era for many groups, but PiGU only managed to put out a Video of the Year candidate.

Now, a couple of Weekenders ago, I was pleased to share that there were new trainee members in the POP iD stable. What I hadn’t reckoned was that they’d see the stage so bloody fast:

Man, that’s the good stuff. I had gotten pretty comfortable with the small versions of PiGU up until now, but that little trip down Memory Lane pointed out that the group, for one reason or another, does function best as a quintet.

We all know how this ends, though, right? Somebody shows up late for work, or decides that being in a pop punk house idol unit for a cosplay cafe isn’t really for her, or just plain doesn’t want to do it anymore, and we wind up with Keikarin+. At least we know that she can handle the solo work.