You Know Who’s a Lot of Fun? PiGU

You guys remember this from earlier in the week?

Our friend Zac answered the call. In an off-site message:

I’ve seen this group before at SARU. I think the whole idoloid thing is just a term they made up? There’s an origin story for the group … PiGU is an abbreviation of “POP iD Girls Unit”, and they are an idol unit of magical idoloids created when the tears of angels that fell from cracks in the old testament were personified.

Well, that’s very interesting. Thank you, Zac. Anything else we should know?

They’re from Osaka and have their own theater in Nihonbashi, apparently. Cute rock, fun rock is their thing music-wise. Cute mosh! Cute lift! Cute dive! They also have that on [their website].

Fascinating. So who exactly are PiGU? In their own words:

Or, basically, it’s an 80s revival! I wouldn’t say that’s 100 percent accurate, but there is a ton of Bangles/Go Go’s moves among the idol. To whit:

That’s PiGU. Follow them on Twitter. Happy Saturday.

2 thoughts on “You Know Who’s a Lot of Fun? PiGU

  1. I’m beginning to get the impression that our site host is a bit of sport fisherman, practicing a catch and release program. Always trolling for the “big catch”, but more often than not, only landing the small fry. Observing the PIGU Twitter page established August 2013, with 17 following and 127 followers, and at Bookface, we see a grand total of 56 likes, and 315 subscribers on the Tube after 3 years. Compared to others featured on this site, that’s virtually invisible. Maybe for good reason? Nothing against the little kids, but they may just be a little late to the party. Using the data as a measuring device, this doesn’t quite make the cut. They’re small fry, throw ’em back in the ocean. Give ’em some time to grow up. They’ll have to learn how to survive and avoid being devoured by some of the larger predators that inhabit these waters. We’ll look for ’em in a few years.

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