Your Homicidols Weekender #47

Welcome to Saturday! Is it autumn where you are? It’s basically August here, and very strange, because it was October in August. Oh well; they’ll never take the hayrides away from us! I’m thinking maybe some (spiked) cider and s’mores, bust out the ol’ fire pit for the first time in the calendar year and hope that the fact that it hasn’t rained in something like 122 consecutive weeks won’t lead to my burning down half of the county.

But yes, this is a good one for the relaxing, I think. If you like major league baseball, the playoffs are happening; if you like NHL hockey, the season just started. Football? Coming out of your ears. Even basketball’s back in our lives, to make no mention of that weird sport that people in other countries like, the one they erroneously call “football” that mostly small children play here before they graduate to real sports. For you, though, if getting hammered while screaming at people you’ve never met on the TV isn’t an attractive option, there is of course the entire Weekender, the Fun, and debating with yourself who the real debutante of the year is.

Stop Typing

So last week’s class went well! My wrangler or handler or whatever KCDC calls them kept reiterating a belief that maybe two or three people would come, and we actually did way better than that, as I had been saying, because “people are interested in this, trust me.” It wasn’t a packed house, of course, though I was happy with the attendance, and the (anonymous) comments afterward were positive. But! I wanted to share the playlist with you; I was going for more of a narrative than a straight listen-and-learn thing, hence some of the random insertions.


Did you see NECRONOMIDOL as anime theme?

Also, I didn’t want to make too much of the first live performance of the new single (a la “DAWNSLAYER”), but you may as well get a look:

Our dude Rino started a radio show!

It’s been a while since last we enjoyed Kindan no Tasuketsu, hasn’t it?

PassCode fans, you may now order internationally without jumping through a thousand hoops!

Pour Lui is back, and BiS is back on a major label. Lather, rinse, repeat:

Remember that hot minute when we all fell in love with the World Standard?

SPARK SPEAKER, who are good and cool, are releasing an album and DVD in the not-too-distant future, to celebrate their anniversary:

I wanted to make a big post and therefore a big deal about this, but nobody else ever seems to care as much about Party Rockets GT as I do, so here it is: Fumika and Himeka are graduating, the former retiring after spending literally all of her teen years playing last fiddle in an ever-shifting group. She was always one of my favorite idols for what seemed like nothing but pure joy for the doing it.


There will be a new single from CODE OF ZERO:

SHINGEKI is gonna need to do more than desktop anime and be a lot more rock-ier, I think:

I sometimes wonder if Ten Tenko is just messing with us:

Meet PiGU’s new trainee members:

Also, sister unit CECiL:

Go listen to their album


Check out the soon-to-debut-on-Canadian-soil Koutei Camera Girl Drei:

Well, the music, at least; and back to old tricks!

Babymetal fans will no doubt want to have a word with Tsuyogari Sensation:

The people behind Arrow Heart have been adding more random idol video to YouTube:

The ex-member of KeepXOut who still does idol stuff has another project:

And remembers the past!

I’m gonna miss Guso Drop:

Desu.Rabbits, what are you doing?

Chitti could not look more excited:

Rei needs a break:

Somebody sucked all of the fun out of MAINA and the Pointless Sidecars, and Especia’s been dead for months, but we still have Dance for Philosophy, gods be good:

Have a great weekend!

You guys will love this, I swear it