PiGU, I Love You, Why Is There So Much Drama?

Hey, remember how PiGU had five members when they first appeared here, and then all of a sudden they didn’t have that many, and then they spent most of the summer as a duo, and then suddenly were up to four and then five? Me too! That was … well, it was an excuse to keep listening to PiGU, who do make it easy, what with new video all the time and stuff.

Anyway, guess who’s going through another bout of membership madness? Just translate your way through this string of tweets:

Basically, like how one of you (I’M SO SORRY THAT I FORGET!) was telling me months ago that members were less than well-behaved and removed, that’s how this reads, or at least something similar. Cheese off management, and you’re out.

PiGU of course has set out to diligently find a replacement:

Just kidding, PiGU’s never not holding auditions. Part of the charm. Just look at that banner! It was literally switched out yesterday (on Twitter). Ganvarino and Keikarin are both still there, but the rest of the cast, they’re basically interchangeable Japanese teenagers. “Hey, can you kind of sing and convincingly remember some choreography for a few weeks? Great! You’re hired.”

Here’s one of the very few full lives they held with (those) five members:

PiGU, I love you. You’re very fun. You are also a mess to follow.