A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the PiGU Live

Osaka’s pop punk darlings, PiGU, had themselves a live the other day. No big deal — they have lives all the time! — but … see, it’s wintertime. Bellring Girls Heart, for just one example, actually held a few of their final SHALLOW GRAVE appearances with members missing due to the flu (noboby was going to miss the finale). The point is, it happens. Idols are people. People get sick. Sick people sometimes can’t perform!

But sometimes, almost all of the idols get sick. And when that happens, well …

Keikarin is the kind of leader the world needs, even when she’s headbanging the horns from her head.

I know we have a few big PiGU fans among our number (and, once folks start to receive their giveaways, maybe even more!). Has something like this ever happened before, like when they were briefly a duo? Is Keikarin always so implacable?

The next day was her birthday, by the way.

3 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the PiGU Live

  1. When I first saw this video pop up, I did wonder if they were literally just down to the one member now. It wouldn’t have been a big surprise.

  2. That performance was some A+ Idoling. Those unfortunate wota looked absolutely exhausted. Keikarin makes it all look effortless.

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