I Bet This New ayumikurikamaki Is Really Fun

UPDATE: The video is here

Man, you guys, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as new party idol music and video, you know? I’ve been cautiously hype about this newest offering from Ayukuma since it was announced, and now it’s here, and I just know that it’s absolute aces. I just know it — even other People On The Internet think so! And the Internet is never wrong!

Look, they’re so stoked about it!

Nothing would excite me more right now than to put press Play and enjoy these lovable goofballs doing lovable goofball stuff right on my screen! And I bet the song is fun! If only it were actually something that I could watch at some point along the line of trying 12 different proxy services!

Apparently, everybody who isn’t Japanese needs a proxy

This is actually really dumb. I realize that YouTube Red’s extortion racket can make it cost-prohibitive for some companies to distribute (on YouTube) to the United States and even some other countries, but that’s usually a business choice that a small, independent, not-even-on-iTunes-yet label makes out of necessity, if they bother to monetize their channel at all; this is a major label that has a property (Ayukuma, and do note the language) that has demonstrable international fan support and that they could probably make a nice chunk of change from, but … they’re just in a mood to cut off their nose to spite their face?

I don’t get it. If you do happen to know of a re-up of the video anywhere, please do share. Otherwise, unless you’re in Japan, I’m not sure that you can see this puppy at all without, like, doing illegal stuff.