Have We Ever Talked about Tokyo Rockets?

Quick site search says no, so check this out:

Tokyo Rockets (Twitter) are the sister group of our much-beloved Party Rockets GT, except that they’re rather quiet and don’t have a whole lot going on lately on their official YouTube channel, so I kind of worry that maybe more of ^THAT^ won’t be coming our way. Which, shame, because that’s a pretty hot song.

2 thoughts on “Have We Ever Talked about Tokyo Rockets?

  1. I feel like I’ve stumbled on this video in the past at some point, but thanks for the reminder of its existence! That’s sad if there isn’t much activity from them, especially since they rock pretty much as hard as PR GT. This song, just like a site-favorite Kasabuta, has that rolling guitar rhythm the whole way through, with a nice shredding solo break partway through, and some chugs to keep things moving at a nice pace. A very nice-to-listen-to song.

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