I Hereby Nominate GREAT MONKEYS for the Best Debut of the Year

Well, friends, it finally happened — after I excitedly pinpointed the debut of the mishmash sister group GREAT MONKEYS a little while ago, they slowly but surely leaked out little bits of content until bam! into our lives drops the rare congruence between hype (however entirely personal) and result. AND I’m pleased to say that I was totally right and my girl Juri (now rendering it Julie, which makes absolutely perfect sense) — former awesome focal point of the underappreciated JOANJOAN and then relative short-timer with No Surprises — is leading this thing just like her currently awesome energy and presence deserve.

Prepare yourself for a blast:

That’s … that’s a legitimately awesome song! And perfect for the summer, if not a couple of months late or so. But tell me that this doesn’t have the stuff to be a bona fide hit. You can’t! Not in good faith, anyway. Or maybe I’d just elect to ignore you for having a bad opinion. Either way!

This post serves as Let’s Discover Some Idols for GREAT MONKEYS. They don’t seem to have a website, so go follow them and then listen to this song on repeat and watch Julie outtakes in between.

Now what I really want is for Rocks to back this group like they mean it. I want this MV promoted unto death, and I want wota hanging from the walls at live events that were booked at regular idol venues but really should have been at SSA because that’s just how popular GREAT MONKEYS is after a debut single. Just keep feeding this to us.