Weekend Livestream Spotlight: MANACLE Debut, 2&, a NECROMA Birthday and Depression Fest

The latest trend in idol lives is to not announce livestreaming options until the in-person show is sold out. While I’m sure this makes good financial sense to manager-san, it creates nothing but headaches for fancy idol bloggers trying to put together a robust weekend livestream  preview. Luckily, there is also The Calendar which receives constant updates as last-minute livestream announcements come to light. In the meantime, here’s some notable shows we’re aware of that are coming your way this weekend via various streaming media platforms. 

ZOMBIE POWDER kick off the weekend, sharing the stage with the hardest working unit in chika idol, Dan te Lion and others in the 41st volume of the excellent Diffusion Φ Brightness taiban series.


If shoegaze and dreampop are more your style, the incomparable LiLii Kaona, cana÷biss and more are performing in a line up headlined by electro pop artist Mariko Takei. 

NECRONOMIDOL is celebrating Roa Toda’s birthday with a special live and cheki session.

K&M Music is hosting a special live with our tiny, little hero, 2&.

The much anticipated debut of MANCLE has arrived. You can watch both performances for a mere ¥1,000.  

Closing out the weekend is URBANGARDE’s Depression Festival featuring Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders and others. 

URBANGARDE has been inviting chika idols to perform at their annual event since long before most other festivals would put idols on the same stage as rock bands. Past years have seen Shiina Pikarin, Maison Book Girl, JyuJyu, PASSPO☆ and one of the first appearances of BRATS. Attending this festival has been on my bucket list since URBANGARDE still had five members. Now that they are down to a trio, it is conceivable that this may be one of our last, best chances.