Your Homicidols Weekender #192

Good morning! I hope you all had a safe and healthy and (at least as much as can be) fun week. I’m personally getting tired of watching the paint dry here at Maniac Mansion, but the heat and sudden downpours of late have made just getting out to meet with friends into a dicey proposition. It doesn’t even feel prudent to do something perfectly safe and quick, like change the oil in the Maniacmobile. Summer under quarantine sucks.

Of course, I guess I could live in Florida, pretend like nothing’s wrong and become a massive disease vector for thousands!

Anyway, interesting note: Team was approached recently to put together some edutainment content for an online fest, and we were trying to finalize some ideas last night. Of course we talked history, and D has been pointing out that we’re in the 10th year since Babymetal and BiS both sprang to life within a heartbeat of each other (late in 2010). That’s momentous and deserves more work in the future; I just wanted to note how wild that is. Like, Su-metal’s old enough to have a graduate degree.

So! With that in mind, doesn’t that put the weird-ass grab bag that is the Weekender into a whole new light? Like, 10 years on, this is what loudol has wrought? I personally think that’s neat — so much creativity and innovation! — and look forward to whatever might be next.

Feel Old Yet?


I’m choosing to be optimistic about this Osaka Shunkashuto album:

They tell me you kids like meme tokyo:

And if that’s the case, this full cyberMINK album trailer will probably work for you:

Somebody buy me this for my birthday:

Here, enjoy some QUEENS:


Los an Jewels delivered:

I’m totally okay with a virtual JAM Expo considering that I only ever watched the stream anyway:

I’m kind of at a loss about this latest from Qupipo so:

the mishmash have a new sister group, and it includes my girl Julie which makes me incredibly happy so of course there’ll be a full post after they debut:

Idol in Focus

There is no Idol in Focus this week because this was a pretty dull week! I’m sure that Cal could probably come up with something. There’s a temptation to do something about the news yesterday from Codomomental HQ, but that’s a post unto itself, I think. Anyway, go back to the other stuff and ignore this non-existent feature!

MAJESTIC MATES showing that idols dancing against bitchin’ guitar solos is always cool:

Maybe this Honey Emperor stream is still going when you get here:

I thought you all might enjoy this one from Afilia Saga:

Also this:

And this featurette on Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders:

Did you know that Candy GO!GO! is a whole decade young, which actually makes them older than both BiS and Babymetal by several months?

So goddamn much happens in this new one from sora tob sakana in about a quarter of the notes you’d expect:

Have a great weekend!