Gods Help Me, the New DIE/NING EP Rules

It came as a significant surprise to me that the idol group sitting as subject of this post, who you have by now successfully identified as DIE/NING, has previously received a single solitary mention on Homicidols Dot Com, and at that merely a Weekender item as opposed to even a compulsory getting-to-know-you post. Homicidols Dot Com sincerely regrets the error!

I’m not here today to make up for lost time or anything; I presume that if you need to know DIE/NING, you are then in fact already aware of them, as this weird-ass project has been around for goodness knows how long in one form or another. Not a lot needs to be said! So let’s tell this story as simply as possible.

I was vaguely aware of this MV release from all the way back in January because of course it was up my alley enough to watch — I always have and always will like ’em weird — except that it was so unexceptional to me that I didn’t even make a note to do anything with it.

Thus sums up my entire DIE/NING experience to that point. But okay sure, this was in the TL a little while ago, and I figured that the limited-edition record probably warranted some kind of attention:

I mean, this could have been released at any point since January and I’d be none the wiser as to its vintage. But considering my own personal hiatus, doesn’t that make everything that happened prior to July “new” in its own way? And what’s the worst that could happen, right? I re-hear something that I didn’t particularly care for the first time, get bored and put on more lo-fi hip-hop or something for the rest of the day? It’s very low-risk! So let’s–

Oh hell yes, this EP rules. It’s not, per se, a challenging musical journey in any particular way (unless you don’t like loud music, I guess), but have I listened to it multiple times in the past couple of weeks? Yes. Have I told other people about it? Previously and right now, also yes. Do I kind of wish that there were more accompanying media to complement this work? Indeederino. Alas, I have now given you pretty much everything that DIE/NING has published in this calendar year, so.