I Love Idol Side Projects

Updating to add: Their PV!

Though without any of the hype of NATASHA, there’s nonetheless a limited side project put together that features a favorite of us — Montero from Screaming Sixties has joined a new group called TAU that … well, it’s hard to say what they look or sound like, but “rock chicks” is probably pretty accurate.

That’s not just because Montero’s involved, btw (she could harbor secret ambitions to be a country singer for all we know, and per Jul in the comments is going to do a DJ set). It makes sense.

Her group mates are Minori from Manami no Risa, a not-atypical idol group that has some fun moments …

I’m flashing back to Del Amitri

… and Rumi from Caramel, a three-piece Japanese girl’s version of Silverchair (I kid) that somebody asks me if I’m ever going to talk about at least once per month, so I consider that quota now filled:

It’s because they’re a band, see. I have this rule about bands.

And this, in case you somehow didn’t know, is Screaming Sixties:

Randomly featuring Maina!

So this group could be pretty okay, I think!

6 thoughts on “I Love Idol Side Projects

  1. WTF? I saw Montero retweet the pic of the three of them (with no text in the tweet) earlier and didn’t look further into it, but what? I thought it was weird enough that she will be DJ-ing at an event soon (Montero DJ-ing? What?).

    Minori from that group’s twitter pics are cute, too.

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