This Is Bad News: Haruno Megumi Leaving Mugen Regina

I follow something like 500 idols and managers and the like on Twitter. Literally for “work.” I can’t understand more than the tiniest shred of what gets tweeted, but I know by now to look for three things: Images/videos, or URLs for them; the letters “MV”; and dates. So when I saw this date this morning:

Of course I read it, and of course I saw that one of my personal favorites, Haruno Megumi, a striking stage presence and legitimately power-voiced idol with a lot of talent, was going to graduate from Mugen Regina.

Here’s her explanation (help!):

Having not yet read a translation of that, I’m pretty seriously wondering out loud if she isn’t leaving due to her modeling career. As you might have ascertained from just looking at her Twitter profile pic, Megumi’s a gravure model as a serious part of her personal business, and just released a photobook IIRC. Maybe she wants to spend more time on that, or maybe management got a little bit uncomfortable with where she was going with it. Or maybe she just wanted to not idol anymore. Going to graduate school. Is pregnant. Who knows? Regardless, it seems like it’s all on good terms.

At least we’ll always have this: