Weekend Prep: Haruno Megumi Live

Man, I am beyond happy that Will found these videos and shared them the other day — Haruno Megumi, ex. of Mugen Regina and way too talented to be limiting herself to gravure (though I’m sure the money’s better), has been doing gigs for her new solo project, and we get to experience it:

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Now Here’s That Haruno Megumi Video I’ve Been Waiting For!

It was just the other day that “what has Haruno-san been doing other than gravure for the past several months?” was answered in the form of … not really what I think anybody expected! Certainly not me; Megumi’s not the most powerful voice on earth, but she’s a fair shake ahead of most idols in the singing department, and she didn’t even sound like herself in those other spots.

But then this happened!

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Say, What’s Haruno Megumi Doing?

That little bit of business with Lyric Holic got me to wondering about my other favorite underground metal idol unit that survived the massive bloodletting that was 2016, but Mugen Regina themselves are still in the midst of turning their relaunch into something worth more serious following, BUT their official YouTube channel did up and follow a certain ex-member’s newly started channel, and said certain ex-member’s newly started account has fresh stuff on it!

Yeah, the last time we specifically saw Haruno Megumi, it was for a TV show; going back to when her solo musical career was first announced, though, those who have interest in her recreating the magic that was “from hell” have wondered exactly when that solo musical career was going to bear fruit. Then it did!

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At Least Mugen Regina’s Going to Go Somewhat out in Style

So just following up on Mugen Regina’s indeterminate hiatus situation, they’ve apparently decided that going gently into that good night is going to be a rager:

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Do Yourself a Favor and Watch This Haruno Megumi Clip

So after leaving Mugen Regina back in the spring, it was a little bit of a surprise to see that Haruno-san was actually staying musically active; I had figured that her gravure career was going to eat up most of her time. And good! The woman can sing and has a great stage presence; if her musical career can continue, even in a limited sense, that’s good for everybody.

This is not about her music, though. This is some total-idol shit.

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Life Ain’t So Sweet Now: Is This Mugen Regina Thing Finally Resolved?

For being among the most scenester of all metal idol formations, Mugen Regina has managed to keep the drama moving at a fever pitch lately.

Just in the time that I’ve been following them, they went from a quartet to a trio, re-added a fourth member (Zaki), lost their center (Megumi), had their stablemates in Haloperi Doll decide to break up, had their leader (Ayame) go on hiatus for health reasons, poached Haloperi Doll’s leader An’z to fill in for Ayame, had An’z disappear from Twitter for a day, and now: Continue reading

A Surprise That Makes a Ton of Sense: Haruno Megumi Has Gone Solo

When Megumi left Mugen Regina, the timing was such that I thought it was a mutual parting of ways; Mugen Regina has this whole fantasy / melodic metal thing going on, and Megumi’s gravure career had just gotten a big jolt from a DVD release, so clashing images and I don’t understand Japan etc. whatever.

So imagine my surprise when Soundcloud pinged me all of 10 minutes ago with a new track from Life Is Sweet Music: Continue reading

This Is Bad News: Haruno Megumi Leaving Mugen Regina

I follow something like 500 idols and managers and the like on Twitter. Literally for “work.” I can’t understand more than the tiniest shred of what gets tweeted, but I know by now to look for three things: Images/videos, or URLs for them; the letters “MV”; and dates. So when I saw this date this morning:

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