What’s up with Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen?

After having a chance to reference 30POSSE the other day, I got to looking up Yamaguchi’s much more prominent and well-established rock idols. They were at TIF with no real video appearing, and they were at JAM without anything showing up on YouTube. That’s messed up! I know they aren’t up everybody’s alley around here, but they’re legitimately a big deal in their own world (big enough to have their own cover group) and, as that super-long interview that Phillter translated shows, they’re aiming to get even bigger.

I did find this snip from JAM:

But that does nothing to show much of YKG, so here’s a nice pro-shot clip of theirs from what looks like a televised event:

Hey, not everything around here needs to be earth-shattering. It can be nice just to have some cool music to listen to during the day.