Conference Tournament Update, and Get to Nominations

After two days and LOTS of voting, we have some very interesting races emerging in the conference round of the 2016 Homicidols Corenament.

If you don’t care about this part and just want to make your song nominations, skip ahead

Metal idols: Babymetal is (predictably) running away with the conference title, but the other three spots are completely up for grabs, with Necronomidol, Deep Girl and Fruitpochette just barely outpacing others in the field.

Punk idols: Knowing who’s here and who’s fans of whom, that Screaming Sixties are way out in front here isn’t a surprise, nor is that much of a surprise that Billie Idle is hanging on to #2. The pure punks are a rare breed in idol, and even quality doesn’t ensure awareness.

Solo idols: The fewest votes have been cast here, likely due to unfamiliarity with the performers. That’s okay; it’s getting exciting, and I haven’t played my final promotional card yet. 🙂 Psybou Kanojo, possibly because of the recent feature and possibly because people are still dealing with that one-hour loop in their heads, holds strong at the top.

Alt-idols: I’d seen the analytics coming in, and I knew that Yukuetsurezure was something of a cult favorite, but I didn’t expect them to hold a respectable lead, not over the likes of You’ll Melt More! and Bellheart. But here we are. This is a super-competitive conference with a very deep field. It’s literally anybody’s to win even now.

Rock idols: Voting patterns here have been all over the place; at different points since launch, three different groups were in the lead, and only a few percentage points separate the top from the bottom. To Westerners, this might be the most obscure group of idols, but you wouldn’t know it from the voting.

Idolcore: This one I knew was going to be tough, because while it isn’t a big conference, it’s a strong one. PassCode is the maybe-surprise leader, but BiSH, Guso Drop and Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da are all clustered near the top, too; somebody’s going to go home very disappointed.

The Bracket

As of right now, this is what the bracket would look like:

I don’t want to say what I really think, but there are some serious upsets possible here, and nobody has an easy road to the final, let alone winning. It’s a pleasing result!

If you haven’t voted yet, go vote. And if you’ve voted, did you know that you may not have used all of your votes? There are as many votes available to you per conference as there are berths from that conference; go ahead and vote your heart, as more voting means a more honest community outcome.

If you don’t feel like you can vote in a conference, that’s actually what this site is for. Use the word cloud or the search to find groups you might not know as well, and give ’em a listen.

Now Let’s Get Some Songs

We already have a few good nominations in for some idols’ entry songs for the 2016 Homicidols Corenament, but we need many more!* Each idol’s song with the most nominations will get the nod; ties will be broken communally on Monday. Go make your nominations here.

If you haven’t already, make sure to vote to decide who advances! We have some really great races for the conference titles and other bids into the Corenament, and some competitions are so tight that literally every vote makes a difference.

*One of the perils of Internet polls is the common user behavior of hitting the one thing that they really want without paying a ton of attention to help text. I love you all anyway!

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