Your Best of 2017 Pre-nominees Need You to Mercilessly Cut Them Down

Thanks, everybody! Nomination cuts are now closed!

Welcome to the not-quite-final stage of the Best of 2017 process! Kerrie has done the lord’s work, and we’ve managed to compile a pretty thorough (but, one could say, still not thorough enough) collection of nominees for the traditional categories. While we definitely need to cut, we also probably need to include some more recent stuff, or items that slipped through the cracks. And that’s where you all come in!

Here’s how this is going to work:

  • “2017” actually means “December 2016-November 2017”. A handful of people who complained about the process last year will still fail to grasp the concept of impermanence.
  • Between right this very second and COB next Saturday, use these pre-nominations to list your top 5 per category.
  • You can do this in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook.
  • Yes, you can still add new nominations.
  • This is a popularity contest! If you want something to win, make sure that your friends are involved and pre/voting, too.
  • To be representative, it’s one per group per category; come at me, WACK people.
  • We’ll tally up the pre-vote and put out a final call for new nominations before …
  • Real voting happens the week of Dec. 11.
  • Are there door prizes this year? Hopefully! It depends on the generosity of our friends.

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Conference Tournament Update, and Get to Nominations

After two days and LOTS of voting, we have some very interesting races emerging in the conference round of the 2016 Homicidols Corenament.

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It’s Noms Time: What’s Everybody’s Best Song?

No need to belabor it; the nominations form (one BIG form) is included below the social share buttons on this page. I’d have preferred a different product, but I was in too deep before I realized what was happening. Use the form to submit not a favorite, but a best song per idol; you can submit for as few or many idols as you want or feel comfortable doing, but you can only submit once per idol.

Note: I am again not including death pop for this stage of the game; all will be settled in true homicidol fashion in Tuesday’s DEATH POP DEATHMATCH.