Adopt-An-Idol Update: Checking In

Well, despite the best of intentions, it seems that our adoptees, PoroPoro Baroque, are still a little bit away from their debut, so there’s no much for us to help with. Here’s where we stand after the first week-plus:

  1. Twitter followers: 466 566
  2. Soundcloud listens: 546 608
  3. Soundcloud followers: 12 18
  4. Soundcloud likes: 10 14
  5. Soundcloud reposts: 1 1

So some progress has definitely been made, but not a whole lot. Twitter I feel was largely an effect of their street self-promotion, but we may have done a little bit of damage on Soundcloud (I did!).

Word in comments and in some messages that I’ve gotten via Reddit suggest that Poro2Baro don’t have an imminent debut, but there are some idols (including by the same management [if you’re curious, it’s Guso Drop‘s] who are sooner to debut or who are out there but still at the beginning stages.

I’m all for kicking off again in a couple of weeks, likely before Fox Day. We’ll keep an eye on Poro2Baro and try to make a difference when the time comes, but shift to somebody else for the immediate future.

In the meantime, if you have a definite recommendation (yes, even Cutie Corpse), make your pitch in the comments.