Introducing the 2016 Homicidols Corenament

Voting is still open, but make sure to nominate songs to represent the idols who make it into the Corenament!

March Madness kicked off this week, and next week begins the big tamale itself, the NIT NCAA tournament. Every team that’s earned the right to play for the championship feels that it can happen, that anything’s possible. It’s drama and excitement like none other.

So let’s rip it off and do our own thing with the concept.

Friends, I give you the 2016 Homicidols Corenament.

What a name.

I’ll launch the full tournament early next week, after all of the Selection Sunday and whatnot has shaken out, but you can’t have a Corenament without first establishing who’s going to be in it, and that’s what we’re going to do for the next several days.

Through midnight on Selection Sunday, that is 24:00 on March 13, this series of polls will be open. I’ll do my part to pass them around the idolverse, but I encourage everybody to share them with friends, on social networks and with weird strangers wherever you might deem appropriate, even Reddit.*

Friends, we’ve had polls, and we’ve done voting, but never in the history of idol blogging has so ambitious a project be undertaken.**

If you’re ready to start and don’t need to worry about pesky rules and guidelines, jump on ahead. Or keep reading like a civilized person.

Here’s how it works:

  • I’ve roughly grouped idols of various styles into “conferences” based on primary musical style. The only real criterion to get on was that they had to have had some appearance on this site in the time that it’s been alive, and they have to be currently active (so no Lolisyn).
  • Every conference is going to advance their winner into the Homicidols Corenament.
    • There are three power conferences, Idol Metal, Idolcore and Idol Rock (don’t argue :)); two mid-majors, Alt-Idol and Idol Punk; and two “autobid” conferences, Solo Homicidols and Death Pop.
    • Idol metal, by dint of being the most popular and widespread, will be awarded four berths into the Corenament; the other two power conferences will each get three; the mid-majors, two; and the autobids, one.
    • Because death pop isn’t all that big a thing, and because the results will amuse me, and because even the NCAA Tournament is this ridiculous, that berth will actually be decided in a play-in round, a DEATH POP DEATHMATCH, to be held on Tuesday, March 15.
    • What we’re going to vote on in the Corenament is #1 Best Song; that is, you may love Bellheart with your whole heart, but if you can’t realistically put “Ice Cream” ahead of “Genkidane,” you still have to vote the song. It’s on the honor system.
    • THEREFORE,  beginning with when this post goes up, please NAME YOUR #1 FAVORITE SONG BY THE ARTISTS THAT YOU SELECT IN THE COMMENTS. I’ll also solicit this info in a separate post over the weekend. Every artist gets ONE song for the duration of the Corenament.
    • HOWEVER,  these conference tournaments are all about personal preference, the idols you like best, period. But do have top songs in mind when you vote, as you don’t want your favorite to be humiliated in a stunning first-round upset.
  • This is a seeded, single-elimination tournament, with each match determined by popular vote.
  • The seeds will be determined by vote in each conference tournament below.
    • The top vote-getter overall in each conference is the champion, and the next 0-2 highest getters of votes will accordingly advanced.
    • The conference champions will be seeded 1-6 according to the total number of votes that they received; ties will be broken by the total vote percentage difference between the champion and the second-place finisher in that conference–it pays to dominate.
    • The 10 remaining entrants will be seeded according to their total votes received; ties will be broken by whichever method makes for more interesting matchups or makes me chuckle the best.
    • UPDATE: Ties for conference titles will be decided by a principle called My Discretion.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Conference tournaments: Voting open March 10-13.
  • Individual artist song nominations: Open March 12-13.
  • First round: Voting open March 16-20.
  • Second round: Voting open March 23-27.
  • Third round (semifinal): March 30-April 2.
  • Final: April 4.

Any questions? Ask in the comments so we can have a public Q&A.

Now get to it! This is a carousel; use the little arrows in the top corners to advance from poll to poll.

*I did say before that we’d need to mitigate the Babymetal fandom’s influence on polls in the future, but let’s not pretend that they aren’t going to get through this step. Acknowledge where your bread is buttered, and your life will be a happier one.
**Possibly not true!

22 thoughts on “Introducing the 2016 Homicidols Corenament

  1. Good work Maniac, glad I found your site. I’m quite of the obvious winner, but it will be interesting to see how others stack up.

    • I’m really eager to see what the song nominees are; as anybody who watches sports knows, matchups matter a lot. I can smell a scenario in which somebody enters with a good-not-great song and gets upset by a lower-tier act’s better piece of music.

  2. Really interesting idea, Maniac. I feel like Babymetal should have just gotten a bye into the Corenament to avoid wasted votes (because, let’s face it, as soon as this gets on /r/babymetal their vote % won’t even matter, they’ll be in).

    As far as my song votes:
    Fruitpochette: “偉人-CleverDick-” because it’s a metal-jazz-idol song, rough to get a more interesting mix.

    (Skipped Alt and Solo…don’t feel qualified to vote for those)

    Q’ulle: “Unreal” because it’s a song that is very much what the band’s sound is: sweet singing, rapping from Yakko and the others, and some rock steady guitar in the background.

    Idolcore broke my heart having to choose just one band, but Passcode won out with “激動プログレッシブ” from ALL IS VANITY. It’s a song that really shows all of their styles from that album well. And while this isn’t the sound of the new Passcode, it exemplifies the Passcode that we have for now until Virtual hits in May.

    As for Punk, I didn’t feel qualified to vote for any of them since punk isn’t really my bag…

    • Don’t event get me started on what I need to figure out about the best way to deal with Babymetal. You hit the nail on the head–just having them there sucks up votes like none other. The other side of the coin, and this is where I usually fall, is that including them as if there aren’t three-four tiers going on right now is the best way to switch more people on to more of the other stuff. There are awkward moments. I do look forward to the day when we can almost ho-hum about Babymetal: “Yeah, they’re great, awesome. I was busy looking at all of these other boss things.”

      (Plus, Babymetal is the flame to a small army of Internet moths, and I am trying to cultivate page views. :))

      I like your song selections a lot, ESPECIALLY “激動プログレッシブ” for PassCode (thought I’m personally a mark for “Nextage”). The Vanity era was so unique and cool, what-if-we-combine-chiptune-and-breakdowns stuff. I do think they do and will continue to miss Yu-ri.

      Also, “CleverDick” ftw. My one playlist has this weird five-second empty spot, but it comes back to life with that song, and what a jump back to music it is. Most people think of rock when then think of jazz fusion; more people need to think of metal.

      • Haha, definitely NOT knocking you for looking for page hits with Babymetal. I still love them wholeheartedly, and they are the gateway drug to some other amazing bands for most of the Western world. They really have transformed this genre of music, but I like to give some smaller acts a turn in the spotlight when I can (^^)

        Thanks for the comments on the song selections, spent a while thinking up reasonings for them all! That Idolcore category was BRUTAL though…how dare you ask me to choose between Passcode, GuDro, and 君のせい?! (^_-)

        Also, have you heard of 山口活性学園? (Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, I don’t know if you can read Japanese, sorry (_ _; ) I stumbled on a pretty awesome music video the other day and wanted to share it with you, so might as well put it here:
        I haven’t had time to investigate beyond this one song. Definitely Idol Rock, might be worth looking into further for the site (^^)

  3. gekijo METALicche and Bunny Kiss should have be here-

    As for metal you cant go wrong with BabyMetal but that Deepgirl EP for IKILL blows them away.. So I will use that vote to at least acknowledge them (BabyMetal doesn’t need any help)

    Bellha vs You’ll Melt More vs Maison Book Girl — that’s not nice — 🙁

    Solo category- no 2& or 3776??

    Rock idols- no Oyasumi Hologram or Brats?

    =============my write in vote goes to nanoCUNE===================

    • You guys! Stop telling me to do things after the fact!

      I do have questions:

      1. Does 2& count as idol even? Saki’s perfectly cool and good; I’m just wondering about the project. Probably overthinking it.
      2. Show me 3776. You’re like the third person to rec this in two days and, dammit, either YouTube is a jerk or I suddenly forgot how to Internet because my searches turn up plenty of things that aren’t what I think I’m supposed to be seeing.
      3. Oyasumi, I was to including, but I haven’t had them show up anywhere yet, and that’s partly on me for being lazy about it, but YA GOTTA HAVE RULES (that you mostly make up on the spot).
      4. Ironically, I like Brats way more than Ladybaby, but wouldn’t Brats be breaking the no-bands thing?
      5. For your #1, send video!
      6. As of right this moment, my sleeper favorite to win the whole thing (Deep Girl, “I Kill”) might not even get into the tournament, and that gives me a sad. Goddamn, what a song.
      7. Re: the alt-idol set, is it my fault that a whole bunch of really creative people started doing incredibly impressive things basically all at once? IT IS NOT!

      • Stick to your guns Maniac. The parameters you set forth in the creation of YOUR site are spot on. I suspect that one of the commenters here either doesn’t comprehend said parameters, or is just looking for opportunities to promote their personal favorites. I suspect both scenarios are evident per the post you and I discussed last week on “The History of Idol-Metal”, where the same person proceeded to veer completely off topic, and suggested that ” we should all do ourselves a favor and listen to 2&, 3776 and nanoCUNE”. I say this, as I experienced this exact scenario in the early eighties as thrash/speed metal was born and within a 2 year period, as a handful of bands emerged as the obvious spearheads, the hipster kids of that time proceeded to proclaim them as “corporate, commercial sellouts” and would seek out the most obscure band possible and cite them as the “real deal”. If your ultimate goal here is to carve a niche as “The Hard Side of Idol”, then guidelines must be maintained. If you bend one way for one person, then the next person will have you bend another way and so on. All you’ll be left with is ” Idol groups you probably never heard of because Tokyo Girls Update won’t acknowledge their”. You may rub a couple of people off by saying “no” to their suggestions, but in the larger picture, people will come to recognize your site as the “go to” for the hard side of idol, and for what it’s worth, I’m still sketchy on whether Fruitpochette and Screaming Sixties belong, as they strike me as bands with a couple of female singers, but they’re here because you decided to include them, and I’m cool with that. You’re doing great work here. STICK TO YOUR GUNS. See Ya

    • This whole thread send me back to look at the list that I tallied / still tally for different idols, trying to find them places in common and whatnot. You wouldn’t believe the list of things that I haven’t gotten to yet and I’m just realizing how dumb I am. Hell, why didn’t I ever do Cure or C-Style?

  4. 2&


    My #1 will always be nanoCUNE even with my little Ayu flying the coop–
    If you look you can see Moeshi and Michu from Bellha on the steps

    but since I have to choose a “VIDEO” from a group on this list–
    its between these 2… I cant choose…

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