50 YMM MVs Day 45: Magic

Hey Rudies!  Today The You’ll Melt More! give ya natty natty ska champion beat in the MV for Sayonara Sekai (Goodbye World).

No I’m not drunk, these words adorn the inner sleeve of the SHAKER PEACEMAKER mini-album that features this song.  Apparently this is the sort of thing that two-tone ska aficionados would natter at each other and this an album full of 2 tone type tracks.

Inner sleeve of You'll Melt More!'s "SHAKER PEACEMAKER" mini-album

I thought the definite article prefixing their name was cool – shame they didn’t keep that.

So we’re getting ska but what about the video?  It’s magic!  We already knew they were magic and could perform feats like flying cardboard rockets to other planets and coming back to life after being shot to death.  But here they demonstrate that they can also do the kind of magic where they produce strings of coloured hankies out of pockets, link solid metal rings and turn Ano into wrestler Maso Chono.

Kechon, Younapi and Chiffon stare in shock after they accidentally turn Ano into Maso Chono

Which wasn’t part of the plan it seems.  It all turns out alright though, and having mastered their magic powers, they then embark on a campaign of world conquest.  But that’s a story for tomorrow.