What the FOC is Going On With ZOC?

Seiko Oomori’s child support tax fraud ring of an idol group is at it again!

Other than being the brainchild of one of the most legendary pop-punk singers in Japan filled to the brim with a team of celebrity models, TV personalities and recently Kanon from Hello Project (for punk fans who don’t know about all of that traditional pop malaky and why that was a Very Big Deal, imagine one of the members of the Jackson Five grew up and joined Avril Lavigne but if Avril Lavigne was 5 people), ZOC need to so much as breathe and anything they do makes waves around the globe.

From clocking millions of views on their music videos to underage drinking scandals to anything and everything, ZOC are definitely the idol world’s it girls.

So what could have possibly happened now? Well Kanano is leaving effective immediately and they are no longer managed by Ekoms. Surprise!

This morning, Kanano, Seiko and the group’s official Twitter fired off a bunch of statements explaining the situation. ZOC will no longer be managed under Ekoms (they also manage Crossnoesis and Maison Book Girl) and Kanano explained the reason for her departure. They’re all on good terms and Kanano still considers the girls basically her sisters. Sorry to anyone that was expecting a scandal! The group just no longer fits her vision for herself and what she wants to do.


There’s no drama, just friends parting ways. ZOC’s final goodbye to Kanano was the release of her solo song as a DIY music video. All the ZOC members have them, Seiko announced them a while ago and they debuted them are the Shinemagic YouTube live, which is totally not still available online in bootleg format.

For those curious about where Kanano is going to go from here, she’ll still be apart of Femme Fatale with her sister and she’s still churning out alarmingly addictive TikToks like there’s no tomorrow. Her brother appears in her TikToks sometimes too, she traded ZOC’s Family Name for her own family circus.
Kanano is also a small public figure and has appeared on various variety shows – her header on Twitter is her biting talk show host Matsuko Deluxe’s finger, to give you an example.

So goodbye and thank you Kanono – it takes guts to go from being in juvenile hall for a few years to becoming a respectable celebrity and if anybody’s entrails are on display here, it’s definitely her.

Oh also, Katy from ZOC is crowdfunding her own video game called “Ex Boyfriend Story” where you play as Katy and the goal is to beat the shit out of her ex boyfriends. It’s like a WarioWare collection of minigames but semi autobiographical about miss Kashii Katy.

So that’s another day with the girls over at ZOC! It’s never a dull moment~

Writers credits to Kerrie for the headline. We’ll save “AZOCalypse Now” for when Karen finally snaps and stabs somebody since that’s really the only thing that would be surprising at this point.