50 YMM MVs Day 44: Guerrilla

YOU’LL MELT MORE!, in their continuing efforts to be among the most prolific MV artists in the idol scene, were on a hot streak at this point. Not satisfied with creating video content for every song on every single, they also shot MVs featuring remixes too!

Up today is a video for “Never Give Up Suiken (Yoe Yoe Remix)”, a new version of their terrific Kung-Fu film-inspired single from only a couple of months before. Made largely to promote their tour at the time, the girls took matters to the streets…

It is of course, something of a time-honored tradition for idols and girls in related business like cafes, to wander around busy areas and network by handing out flyers for shows. YMM! take on the task with their usual enthusiasm and good cheer. Imagine how fun it would be to just happen along them while they’re out making the rounds. They also take along their bullhorns and improvise a guerrilla street show. I know what you’re asking, did they get a permit? Well, maybe , maybe not, but are you gonna stop such a benign mobile factory of fun like this? I think not!

EXTRA BONUS: Here’s a video a fan posted of one of their bullhorn performances! Enjoy the ultra-underground lo-fi sound aesthetics!

The MV also transitions to footage of their stage show and a few clips of the previous “Never Give Up Suiken” MV, with Rina Takeda joining YMM! and the cast in their big group dance number. But again, the video is mostly about one the most important  selling pointes associated with YOU’LL MELT MORE!: Good times and warm spirits that’ll melt the coldness in your heart. I feel better just thinking about it!

EXTRA EXTRA BONUS: Here they are again on the guerrilla circuit, in night-time stealth mode!

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA BONUS: Here’s a couple of short little YouTube commercials they shot promoting their tour and the “Never Give Up Drunken Monkeys” release…