50 YMM MVs Day 12: Departure

Welcome back to Homicidols, which we seem to be in danger of turning into YMM! Blog.  Sorry if you don’t like You’ll Melt More! but in that case you are exactly the sort of person who should follow this series; we’ll save your cursed soul yet!

Today we bring you Yume Nante (Dreams) from August 2015’s utterly stunning Literature And Destroy EP.  Personally, it was with this beautiful, almost lullaby-like song, that You’ll Melt More! became my favourite group.

We open with a view of an asteroid hurtling towards Earth and sinister doom-laden news reports about the imminent destruction of the world.  Our heroes regard these dire pronouncements with resigned detachment.  They are not going to spend their last full day on the planet downing Strong Zero and weeping under the duvet – no, they are idols and idols carry on smiling in the face of overwhelming adversity!  Instead they go fishing in the sunshine.  However, not being accomplished anglers, their only equipment is some small buckets and they fail to catch anything.  So off they troop to a nearby combini where they buy, or possibly loot, a staggering amount of snacks and then stay up all night eagerly consuming them around a campfire.

The following day, the appointed day of obliteration, the girls simply leave the planet and abandon it to it’s fate; something many of us probably wish we could do in these troubled times.  As the flaming rocks pulverise the earth, we are left to wonder what the future holds for the escapees.  Well on Monday, we’ll tell you!

If you want to know how they all managed to cram inside a cardboard rocket and launch it into space, well don’t watch the following video as it disappointingly withholds that information, but you do get to see Ano drop her phone into a puddle.