50 YMM MVs Day 15: Desolation

If you’ve been keeping up with this series, and please God I hope someone is, three days ago you’ll have watched You’ll Melt More! escape the destruction of the Earth, soaring away in a cardboard rocket to an uncertain fate.  Today that fate is revealed in the MV for Mottomo Utsukushii Mono (The Most Beautiful Thing)

After light years of space travel, during which time they amused themselves by dying Younapi‘s hair pink, our intrepid explorers crashland one night on the Hamaoka Sand Dunes a barren shoreline on a distant planet.  They probe their new home with some searchlights and watch their craft burn as the alien sun comes up.  Knowing that they are now stuck on this arid world, they set off on foot to search for life or perhaps more cardboard so they can look for a nicer planet.  Eventually they encounter the local balloonoid inhabitants and promptly murder them all by severing their life sustaining roots and watching impassively as their brightly coloured dying bodies are carried away on the desert breeze.

Finally, after more wandering in the wilderness, they encounter a lone clump of vibrant flowers – the titular “Most Beautiful Thing”?  The video ends there but I suspect that Kechon then grinds them mercilessly under her heel as she looks proper sinister in that hat and gloves.