Keep Your Fingers Crossed for Fingers Cross

Once again, we’ll be shifting our focus off of Japan and towards another country’s idol scene. Say hello to Fingers Cross from Thailand and their new music video for Theory!

Fingers Cross have been around in the Thai idol scene for a few years, they’re an established name with an established fanbase. For good reason too! Their dreamy shoegaze and charming members drew us in here instantly (shoutout to Brian for being the team member who told us about them) and after this, we’ll definitely be sticking around to see what else they get up to.

The theory behind Theory is in part related to Corona – as the members couldn’t be in the same place at the same time due to restrictions, super producer  had the 7 girls each film and direct their own segments of the music video. Melodic noise waltzes with ethereal visuals to birth a dreamlike landscape – three is the magic number and those three elements definitely combine to make this a magical music video. Oh, and there’s English subtitles too that really help to hammer in the movie-esque aesthetic. It’s honestly incredibly easy to praise everything because it’s a great song/video combo, but we’ll let you see for yourself.

As for the group themselves, the full force recently joined Twitter, so feel free to give everyone a follow.

Lately, some of the members have been sharing some of their recommendations for various LGBT media in honor of pride month. You’ll find that Thai groups a lot of the time aren’t afraid to voice their opinions on what’s going on in the world, from LGBT rights to democracy to raising awareness about conflicts in other countries, both members and management. It’s not that you don’t get this thing in other countries’ idol scenes, one of the longest running Japanese groups (Seifuku Koujo Iinkai) is founded around youth activism after all, but it’s definitely a refreshing change of pace from the majority that helps them to feel more down to earth. Even with a language barrier, we’re all human after all right? Though idols might possibly be fairies, we can’t prove they are but we also can’t prove they aren’t.

Now that the visuals and intrigue of the group have drawn you in, go and stream Theory! The song was released as apart of a Thai shoegaze compilation, so if you’re curious about the music scene at large over there then it’s a fantastic starting point.

Remember, keep your ears open and keep your fingers crossed!