“The new akugi MV is emotional whiplash” — @DaeMetal

We’re a little late in delivering here due to wires getting crossed, but, even almost a full week after its release, the latest akugi MV can really only be summed up by the above-referenced statement by our very own Daemon. And uh:

I mean. One would expect something drastic just by the included presence of Mei Yui Mei, but no, nobody’s ready for that. What a shift. Leave alone the visual — that song goes from “oh this is nice and kind of dream poppy” to “this is the soundtrack to being flayed in a basement” with absolutely no notice. What a piece.

Of the umpteen-hundred units to have been born from the “alt” scene in the past 10 years, akugi’s in rare company as one that’s working with genuinely very creative and very new material. And the best part is, they’re still in that core Codomomental phase of figuring it out. But between the action-flanked-by-dancers visual performance and the genre-bending-as-the-point, and the much more organic use of disparate vocal styles than is typical, akugi as a functional entity stands out as a distinctly unique project — and that those elements combine to make for particularly malleable clay accessible to genuinely creative minds makes the end products all the sweeter.

Playplay is in stores now!