Rilisreverse Playback to the Start

Fresh with a new member in tow, RILISREVERSE are back with their new digital single SAISEI and we have a lot to say indeed.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the group, new member Natori joined recently making her and Asagi the only members without previous idol experience. Those baby cheeks are definitely adorable, aren’t they? Shiika agrees!

Saisei (Playback) is her debut with the group – they’ve performed it a few times live already but now, we’re getting some oh so nostalgic feeling visuals that melt into the shoegazey bass guitar with some mysterious lyrics to boot. For starters, Saisei can mean more than just playback, the lesser used applications of the phrase are “reincarnation” and “regeneration” so the chorus of “dying, dying, bleeding / it can’t end like this / the playback starts / and it is I who is born” can be seen as an almost double entendre – just as you playback a tape you playback your life and you’re reborn. We do love a deeper meaning

When talking about Rilisreverse you almost always have to consider their origin, HAMIDASYSTEM. The woods as a shooting location are heavily reminiscent of the woods in Semi no Koe but this time, they’re illuminated instead of devoid of life. Much as one of the group’s themes is reversal, the two songs are almost lyrical inversions of one another: Semi no Koe ends with “the dying cicada’s voice is snuffed out / in a narrow cage” while Saisei ends with “our love has been born”. Instead of death we have birth and instead of hate we have love.

But of course, that’s just speculation from a diehard fan who happens to be abusing their platform as a blogger to geek out. You yourself can draw your own conclusions from the song itself. Which is available to stream right now by the way! Go listen!