I Think We’re Going to Like the New PIGGS Single

Somehow or another, the permanent breakup between BiS and Pour Lui has turned out to be the best thing that could happen to both things — the OG punk idols’ resurrection seemed as likely to be a branding exercise as anything else when they were re-constituted without the founder or any past members at all, yet have been remarkably stable and arguably as good as ever; the OG punk idol herself, the grand dame of this scene, went off and formed a unit that has her fingerprints all over it and, sans some of the pretenses of Lui’s past work, just keeps knocking ’em out of the park.

So yeah, here we are, a second single in as many fiscal year quarters on the horizon, and PIGGS is doing it so good and making it look so easy:

Our girl Saki on the choreo too, if it wasn’t obvious

Now leaving aside the recent practice of lyrics videos basically being just regular-ass music videos but with lyrics superimposed on the screen, and making no particular commentary of any elements thereof because while idols dancing in enclosed space while doing their best to appear completely filthy can in fact be visually arresting in a way that I’m sure someone out there can psychoanalyze without it getting weird, and likewise ignoring the it’s-only-obvious-if-you-think-about-it scene at play as a 10-year veteran of this stuff joins what could be her little sisters for an 80s family comedy dance-off (set to the theme from Jem, probably), this song kicks a lot of ass and frankly the video kind of does too. But I’m really only here for the music, and it’s the kind of updated idol distillation of punk that BiS’s sandwich era did well but here is done better because, to return to the unintentional lede, it lacks any of the too-present irony of that era and instead just focuses on what the group does best — sing cool songs with a ton of energy and an implicit threat to punch you in the lip.

So “VISITOR” is a few weeks off yet, and I take it that this is the (or a) b-side, so let’s hope for another one of these before the record drops.