Your Homicidols Weekender #240

Good morning! I hope you all had as good a week as you could have. Yes, because you’re all super curious, I did have a great time last weekend at the family event, thank you, and came back energized, only to start a needed medication that has as a side-effect ridiculous insomnia. Actual insomniacs of the world: HOW DO YOU LIVE? I have a cumulative 10 hours of actual sleep over the past three days and my brain feels like pudding. It’s all I can do to show up for work, let alone try to do extra things like run a fancy idol website.

BUT! Perhaps in apology for last week’s meh-fest, this is an excellent Weekender if I do say so myself, and yet again we are blessed with plenty of other delicious material from idols great and small to talk about in normal posts. So blogging? It’s happening, friends. And for now, get out there and enjoy that first weekend of summer unless you’re in one of the places where there’s record-mocking heat or it rains the whole time or you live in Miami and you have much bigger problems to worry about. The world is terrible!

And That’s the Optimistic View

In case you (are literally right now) missing it:

Maybe the greatest idol album ever is suddenly (more) available again:

None of you are half as excited about POPPiNG EMO stuff as I am, so fine, it’s a Weekender piece now:

NECRONOMIDOL just can’t catch a break:

The grapevine provides a new KAQRIYOTERROR song this morning:

For the other goodday fans out there:

I bet you’ll also enjoy this Re:INCARNATION clip:

Here’s a name I didn’t expect to be writing again: Kimi no Mawari:

To all of my fellow Satanic Punish fans:

Being in ATARASHII GAKKO! must be absolutely exhausting:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is BiSH, solely for this promotional push for the new album:

Feeling pretty good about it!

Bonus in Focus

Also Li-V-RAVE has been uploading these best-of clips as part of their anniversary celebration and I thought I’d share a couple because I love them:

So good

Yuffie sighting!

What a human:

It’s summer, so … Bed-In live clip?

Behind the scenes with SIPP!

How many are even left?

This week in vocal covers: Kamikaze SENSATION:

I’d like to congratulate Io on finally recording the bit that every harsh vocalist in English-speaking history has tried at least once:

Have a great weekend!

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