Your Homicidols Weekender #239

Good … morning? Profusestest apologies, friends, for your friendly neighborhood Maniac is on the road at a big family to-do and got pulled away from being able to wrap up this post at the normal time, and now I’m rushing it out the door but nothing stops the Weekender I hope you all have a great one it’s Juneteenth and then the first day of summer!

Calm Down

Yeah, BOY MEETS HARU album!

To reiterate, we should be paying more attention to MAD JAMIE:

Told you that PassCode live was awesome:

Missed this before, but can you imagine having the chance to be bullied by Pour Lui, like as your job?

This isn’t the kind of XOXO EXTREME video we want, but we’ll take it:

Well, that’ll do it for FAREWELL, MY L.uv:

And we’re losing an Aphrodite:

Please give us the full version, AKIARIM:

It really would be super if INUWASI did more:

This tweet cracked me up because it’s about XTEEN and for some reason they look like a high school reading club:

Fellow Kaede fans:

Oh no, we never even got a chance to blog a post about Chaos Pipis:

Satanic Punish simply must be recorded live more often:

Devil ANTHEM on the other hand may as well not be seen any other way:

Live CYNHN too:

And some Bakashinu:

And hell, why not some Attain Music while we’re at it:

The livestream from RAY’s one-man isn’t until tomorrow, this is so you don’t miss it:

Have a great weekend!