Guess Who’s Going to Budokan

Doop-dee-doop, scrolling through Twitter, looking to connect with something interesting in idol … Hello, what’s this?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I mean, first things first, good for SHINGEKI. They’ve clearly built a pretty significant following, and if the good people at Nippon Budokan think this is a-okay, then so be it, SHINGEKI will achieve the thing that so many other idol units great and less great have failed to do. There’s even a date! This is wild!

Which brings me to my next point: HOW. Like I know that a gig at Budokan isn’t like a lifetime achievement award or whatever, and I’m sure that bookings there more or less follow the same requirements as anywhere else.* It’s just a resource question, in that I kind of can’t believe the SHINGEKI’s manager-san casually has the resources to make the booking. That’s a lot of cheki sales!

And then also: Why didn’t anybody tell me about this? It’s been two whole weeks!

*Don’t break the rules, and CA$$$$$$H