A Brand-New Uijin For A Brand-New Day

You know, uijin is one of those idols that it feels like every time you so much as blink, suddenly there’s something new from them. So at this point, naming their latest music video “brand new” almost feels like a joke at my expense, but hey, I ain’t complaining!

From their second album, I’m happy to be who I am, out now, it hits all the checkboxes of a quality alt-idol music video. Glitch effect? Check. Shibuya Scramble? Check. A rock-solid song that’ll be stuck in my head all day? Check check! Uijin are one of those groups who I feel slight guilt towards, as I like everything they do, yet I don’t follow them very closely.  This music video and song just reminds me to look into them further!  And you guys should too!