Toricago Continues to Rock a Very High Standard

I know, shut up, I know that I gave the keys to Team, but I feel like I’m in on a glorious secret after only a handful of people made any hay out of Toricago’s new MV. If other folks want to miss out on this kind of glory, who am I to stop them?

Also what is this aspect ratio?

I go on and on about the debuts this year, and with good reason. 2018 is going to be remembered as a crucial year in loudol’s progression, possibly the year when it finished growing up, or pivoted toward more sophisticated presentations, or something. Something good nonetheless!

Toricago has, since they first slid into the scene like an amorous ex into your DMs, been very near the absolute cream of the crop. ZOC may be a strong challenger, and a handful of other units may have individual efforts that are in the Best discussion, but Toricago’s just out here piling up great job after great job, some louder or more explicit than others, but all at worst totally solid.

Here, you have a great reduction of the formula: Idols looking the trad part going all in on rock sounds, sex, violence and the plot of a late 80s romantic thriller that breaks hearts at the Oscars. This is a well-composed group with gets-it management and resources. They’re going to be a Thing for a while.