Say “Hello” to the Night, and Owaranaide, Yoru

“People who like the night hate people”

This is the motto of Owaranaide, Yoru, the new project Sha-Yan asked us to look out for as she was winding up activities with Candye Syrup.

The concept of the group is to convey the conflicting feelings of young women who come to Tokyo and struggle in pursuit of their dreams: the loneliness, excitement, and nostalgia for their hometown while surrounded by the chaos of the city.

They have released the instrumental to their first song on Soundcloud:

I’m intrigued.

This is a high end sound. The piano is too refined for typical idol rock and the rhythm section sounds like they borrowed the percussionists from a Maison Book Girl session.  It is far too early to tell whether or not this is indicative of a signature style, but it’s a quality composition and it will be interesting to see what musical direction this project heads in.

OWA Yoru’s three member line-up seems well typecast to represent girls struggling to realize their dreams in the big city:

  • Nitto has previous idol experience with the four-member unit Ai ni Koi na Nantei.  The group was formed around ex. Juice = Juice member Aina Otsuka but disbanded a few months later before releasing any material.
  • Owl is a true rookie to both idol and performing in general.
  • Saaya is our Saaya Tenshi aka Sha-yan formerly of Candye Syrup, the biggest buzz in idol metal before imploding after 377 short days.

Next to the legendary Non, Saaya was the standout member of Candye Syrup in terms of ability, charisma and raw talent, so there is a lot to look forward to in OWA Yoru.

The group is auditioning for additional members but, in the meantime, will debut on October 13th at a gig with Shirokyan, Sola Sound and Spark Speaker.