Your Team Homicidols Weekender #98

Hello, Fellow Kids! Supreme Nothing (Brian) here….. As you already know, Maniac took a little break from the site and left Team Homicidols with the keys! So far, we haven’t destroyed the dynasty that’s he’s spent long long, countless hours building, but hey, there’s still time left! It’s been a fun week playing houseguest, and if I might say, I’m pleased with the collaborative efforts that have gone into the last few days here. Kerrie, Papermaiden, and Daemon have been absolute all-stars through this thing and I couldn’t ask for a better gang to enjoy this labor of love with. I feel like I’m in an idol group myself, but no cheki requests please…

One thing Maniac did press upon us that the Weekender must be Weekended properly, so we’ve taken the draft he started and each added a few highlights of our own into the mix. You might even be able to tell who shared what! So ease on back with a beverage of your choice, take a moment to join in on Kerrie’s Friday Fun, peruse the good stuff we’ve included below, and then maybe cut off the computer, put the phone down, and do something personally fulfilling, which might be a kind deed, a hobby, or a nice nap, that’s okay too! Make this weekend yours! 

Now onto the Weekender, brought to you by Team Homicidols…

So Perfume’s coming back. That’s neat:

I’d have preferred a real MV from Himekyun Fruit Can, but solo member stuff is okay too:

Slightly old live Jekyll and Hyde:

All right, Omochi, we get it:

Here’s a very brief first peek/listen to Avandoned‘s upcoming single “Lemon Peels”!

Koto has signed to a major label. Whenever this happens, it always makes me immediately wonder: Is this a good career move or a soul-crushing bad career move? Let’s hope for the first outcome!

This tipToe. thing: live is now also a Soundcloud thing:

Listen to SuperNova LIVEver/20180916@DaikanyamaLOOP by AIBECK #np on #SoundCloud

Someone finally got around to reviewing the 2012 BiS film Idol Is Dead in 2018.

Film Review: Idol Is Dead (2012) by Yukihiro Kato

Seiko Oomori got some mainstream press.

OWA Yoru released a second instrumental track that is far too sophisticated for this site.

Farewell to Babyraids JAPAN:


SENANAN teases us with F R E E W i F i  N O  S E X

Collab-units that make us happy and giddy: SAKA MELON a Go-Go! 

Also, SOZELICA is sill being the SOZELICA we’ve come to love so much…

Not idol, but Maniac’s not looking: is off hiatus and without DJ Gonchi but still looking and sounding fabulous.


I want to get invited to parties with Tentenko and her friends…


Have a great weekend everybody! (We all chipped in some parting videos to enrich your life…)