A Friday Fun To Burn Your Retinas

Last week I asked you to pitch some imaginary idol concepts to a board of directors. If we see any of these groups debut soon, congratulations!

I was panicking a little bit just now. Past midnight on a Friday morning, I had nothing for this week’s Fun! Then I looked back on a thing I did earlier that evening that, quite frankly, caused me to be blocked my pretty much all of my mutuals.

First of all, sorry for spamming your timeline with images such as this all night. But not that sorry, because I’m about to do it again, only with idols.

This week, I want you to ruin wota twitter by tweeting idol photos that are just… wrong. Nothing particularly harmful about them, they just weird you out. Maybe that’s one of the WACK glasses members without their glasses, or a wonderful piece of bootleg idol merch or a horrible photoshop edit. As long as its in legal boundaries, whatever weirds us all out! Use the hashtag #CursedIdolPhotos. I’m sorry.