We Interview Idols | NECRONOMIDOL

Tis’ the season of NECROMA.  

We have been blessed of late with a bountiful harvest of offerings from the divas of darkness. In August, NECRONOMIDOL graced us with their presence at East Meets West Music Fest in Anaheim, California alongside Hanako-san, Yanakoto Sotto Mute and stalwart metal acts including the venerable Abigail Williams.  

Now in September, NECRONOMIDOL is mere days away from releasing their third full album, VOIDHYMN, on September 29th.

October will see the Darkness Girls return for multiple performances at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and CthulhuCon in Portland, Oregon. Then in November they will make their East Coast U.S. debut playing shows in Philadelphia and New York with Oyasumi Hologram.

Back at EMW Fest, we were granted a brief audience with the damsels of dusk. There was a line of other outfits that also wanted time with NECROMA so we were asked to try to stick to our twelve precious minutes.  While that was not nearly enough time and we tried to ask meaningful questions, when interviewing a quintet of dark demi-goddesses, it is only their answers that count.

Translations by Monsterpanda

If there is a fan in that country, we would like to go there.

Homicidols: You performed in America once before. Is there anything about the US that you missed once you left?

Okaki: The last time we came over, we got a lot of chocolate. But there was this Milky Way, the green one, that they don’t sell in Japan. So when we got back here I ran out and bought it right away.

Sari: I believe there is a smell to America, and when I got home and opened up my suitcase that scent came out and I really missed America already.

Rei: The last time I came over, I received a lot of gifts from the fans.  I received a hat, a mug, snacks, even socks. I obviously finished all of the snacks, but every time I see the other gifts I received in my room, I miss America and my fans a lot.

Homicidols: Hina-chan, you were unable to come the last time Necronomidol performed in the US.  What have you been looking forward to the most on this trip?

Hina: At that time, on my twitter feed, everyone was always asking, “Genki Desu Ka?” And when they came back to Japan, the other members brought all of the gifts that were addressed to me.  So I got the feelings and thoughts of all of the fans last time. I am looking forward to placing faces to all of the thoughts that were given to me on the last visit.

Homicidols: Necronomidol has now performed on three continents.  Which one would you most like to visit next: Africa, Australia, South America, or Antarctica

Hina: Antarctica!!


Sari: South America.

Okaki: Australia

Himari: In Necroma’s songs, there is a Nordic song, so I would like to go into the Nordic areas.

Rei: All of them!

I will always be the Queen.

Homicidols: Sari-san, When I last saw you in Japan you mentioned that you were watching western dramas to help you learn english.  What are your favorite western dramas?

Sari: Orange is the New Black.

Homicidols: Do you have a favorite character?

Sari: Hmmm. Now, Alex.

Homicidols: Himari-san, there is so much new anime available in the West now that it is hard to know what shows to watch. As an anime fan, can you give us a recommendation for a new anime that we should start watching?

Himari: You are right. There is way too much. When I was little, even before I became otaku the one that really started me off was Card Captor Sakura. But yesterday when I was eating with a U.S. person, they were talking about how they could watch anime in real time. The two I would recommend right now are Happy Sugar Life and Cells at Work.

Homicidols: Cells at Work, I know that one.

Himari: Eh?! Sugoi! It’s a wonderful thing!

(everyone else laughing)

Okaki: (covers her mouth with her hand)  Otaku!

Homicidols: You just concluded a huge European Tour and are now performing in the US. What are you hoping for in your next big step for world domination?

Sari: There’s a lot more countries to still see and, in America, there’s a lot more cities.  Even in Europe, there were fans who came over from Germany, Norway, the northern European areas. If there is a fan in that country, we would like to go there.

Homicidols: Sari-san, Your friend Saki (2&) stole the Queen of the Scene title from you. Any plans for revenge?

Sari: I’m always a queen, So whether I have that title or gain it back, I will always be the Queen.

Homicidols: You’re appearing before a bunch of U.S. metal fans in this festival, as opposed to idol fans. Do you think that you can reach them?

Okaki: Of course