GuDro Proclaims Selves Most Heaviest, Will Now Fight It out in this Poll

All right, you bunch of poll crashers, this thing is now closed. Check out the results!

In what appears to be a reaction to BiSH management banning lifting and some other wota activity at their shows, Guso Drop has flat-out declared that not only will they do no such thing, but they are “most heavy idol in the world.”

Yurapiko’s smile does kind of take the edge off the attitude in that photo, however.

That’s a bold claim! Hardcore-as-hell or not, Guso Drop, you can’t just say something like that without objection. This must be settled by blood, or an Internet poll at the very least.

Yes, let the people decide! Voting closes at 7:00 p.m. ET in the United States. Cast your vote and spread this post far and wide — make sure that your favorite is marked as a contender!

8 thoughts on “GuDro Proclaims Selves Most Heaviest, Will Now Fight It out in this Poll

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  2. i’m sorry BabyMetal fanbase is too big, and wont let them selfproclaim as most heavy. even tho BabyMetal should not be fighting vs idols… its idol but should be appart.

    • Isn’t it interesting where Babymetal falls nowadays? Who would have ever thought that we’d be in a world where three teenaged idols would be not just in the conversation about the biggest metal bands in the world, but what is and isn’t idol? I appreciate the comment, friend!

    • Where were you when the poll was open!? 🙂

      If there were a way to combine Q’ulle, PassCode and BiSH into a single monstrous entity, I would not be able to imagine a more perfect group to take over the world.

      • Sorry, I have this pesky job that keeps getting in the way of my internet social life– If only I could pay the bills with Twiiter 🙂

        • That’s why you gotta get one of these fancy Internet jobs. Yes, the reason that I have a browser open all day is because I’m working. For work. Definitely not doing any personal stuff. Never ever.

    • Agreed, Q’ulle has evolved musically. it looks like Q’ulle has decided to abandon their punk rock sound & move towards that idol metal category with a much more heavier sound in their latest single.

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