Our First Two Idol Mashup Contests Need Your Votes!

Our third contest is currently open! Submit your entries for a chance to win the I Want to Look Like a Babymetal Roadie Prize Pack!

While I may be a disorganized Maniac these days, friends, I am nothing if not a man of my word, and it is technically still the evening of June 23 while I write this.

But let’s just get down to business. Folks made some serious efforts to impress, all for pride in a job well done the sweet smell of victory and some cool Babymetal gear.

EDIT: To add, CONTESTANTS, there aren’t any Corenament rules at play here, so your chances of winning increase markedly if you share this via email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Share with friends, families, business acquaintances, impressionable children, etc. Tell them to look, and tell them to vote!

#1: Idol Fantasy Team

Despite a protest made, I am vouching for the authenticity of all submissions made for this contest. Here are the nominees:

Possessed Kawaii Idol
Excerpt: Cute Idols that are being possessed by demons, each song starts out as cute and innocent then turning into a mix of death metal, digital hardcore, EDM and of course more cute J-pop. … I would expect success outside of japan after their MV for their first single “DemoNiced” goes viral where the members are adorable idols who accidentally open a portal to hell where they are possessed by bipolar demons. Read the whole thing.

Excerpt: Our center and lead vocalist performs in a stunning, white, flowing wedding gown. The most elaborate one imaginable. Our 18 dancers perform in the smallest micro bikinis ever designed, matching neon colors of course, varying in color from show to show. The musicians perform in matching black jumpsuits/coveralls and black, spiked gas masks. Read the whole thing.

Seishinbyo (Psychosis)
Excerpt: Melodic extreme metal, straddling the boundary between thrash and death. It’d probably end up sounding a bit core though, purely ’cause of the members. … A mixture of highly choreographed dances and direct interaction with the audience, through stage-dives, crowd-surfing or one of the girls just plain picking the biggest guy there and hurling herself bodily at him. Read the whole thing (pt 2).

Excerpt: The band is supposed to be a cabaret troupe from an undetermined universe and/or time. The members are all supposed to be able to perform – even bad, even if it fails – at least one number in addition to the traditional idol tasks. … Promotion is mostly held by themselves making parades in the streets, playing their roles, distributing flyers … with the exception that their music comes from a ghetto blaster. Read the whole thing.

#2 Turn Memes into Art

These were not the results that I anticipated.

Nonetheless! I am an honest Maniac, and technically the rules are unbroken, so your very strong feelings about Babymetal, Kamen Joshi and Ladybaby will be honored.

Because these things are of very many sizes and I don’t want to muddle up this page too much, I linked to the original externally hosted files in the poll description; just click to see what you might be voting for.

Now go apologize.

4 thoughts on “Our First Two Idol Mashup Contests Need Your Votes!

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  2. Hey Maniac, we were only playing for fun and have already accumulated more than our fair share of Babymetal merch. We will happily defer to the runner up. We’re certain they will cherish the items more than we would at this point. We apologize for the confusion or inconvenience.

      • To be clear, we are still riding the Babymetal train despite our artistic forays. Reading the contest thread, our friend spiney seemed a bit disheartened, at the time, to be a winner by default. We only participated in the spirit of competition and made our band as preposterous as possible for our own imaginative exercise. Our merch collection is quite overwhelming at this time, and we would be more than happy for a fellow fan to accept the items and appreciate said items as they should be.

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