Su-metal is the #13 Rock Star in the World Right Now Holy Shit

According to Kerrang!(.)

I’ll spare you all the insufferable think piece; my feelings on Babymetal’s trajectory, what Amuse management seems to have in mind and what that all means for other heavy idols looking west are well-documented.

But look: An idol — an 18-year-old singer/dancer/etc. from the Japanese talent machine, someone who could just as easily be doing stage work or traditional idoling or even nothing (given the recent track record of Sakura Gakuin graduates) — who fronts a trio that in turn fronts a brutal and highly technical metal band was just not only named to a list of the world’s biggest rock stars, but was given a very notable place on that list, ahead of some genuine legends.

That’s astonishing. Last year, Babymetal’s sudden spasms of acceptance among the Western rock scene were cool, but you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a novelty, industry people doing industry people things and looking for trends, other performers supported hard-working young women for the sake of it, etc. I don’t think you can think that anymore. The sales are real. The awards are real. The honors, like this, are real.

Does that mean that the crack in the door is real, too? Is Su-metal just the first?

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      • Explain yourself! There are already the likes of Perfume and Momoiro Clover Z doing multiple U.S. dates that correspond to where they know they have fans / fans can get to the show; what’s to keep somebody from building a base like Babymetal did and catching fire in a particular scene?

        • From what I’ve seen of j-groups that have done western tours, nothing has come of them. I don’t hear any magazines write anything, no website coverages even from their own homeland. They come, go and never get heard from again. But that could just be me.

          • I think your other comment kind of gets to the point of it, though; most everybody tries to play at the audience they either already have or doesn’t reach much further than an audience they can easily reach.

            A lot of the hard work on the second point is already done *by* Babymetal. There’s an audience now, ready and waiting. This site is fairly new still and very much in Phase I of building toward its goals, but it’s an example of what can happen as Westerners get more exposure to the broader Japanese scene … exposure that Babymetal has laid the groundwork for.

            All it takes is resource and smart marketing. If there’s a wave to follow, it’ll be small, but it’ll also be the really important connector.

      • Check out Crossfaith. I think they could get big.

        Band Maid is another group that has serious talent and rocks hard.

        I think we could see a whole Japanese invasion. Once you get beyond the idol, musically there is a lot of exciting music being made. Maximum the Hormone, Dir En Grey.

        The west has sort of entered a rut musically, Japan may be the kick in the butt we need to get us going again. This is a great time for Japanese music.

        Give Momoiro Clover Z a listen. We Are Born is a good track, with Babymetal’s drummer on it, Hideki Aoyama. They have about 20 chord changes in the chorus. MCZ is what you get when ABBA and KISS had their love kids.

        Their lyrics are really edgy too. Or enjoy the weirdness of it.

        One of the reasons why talented Japanese bands have mot made a dent in the west is their management does not know how to market, but Babymetal is laying down a road map and you can bet your kitsune that some enterprising band is going to use their playbook.

        Not the only Japanese band we will see, not by a long shot.

        Their are so many exciting young bands in the Japanese scene.

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