Couldn’t Hack It, I Guess: Psybou Kanojo Has Immediately Quit

In no way is this a joke.

Literally, immediately. H/T @Jul3rd

So we have a problem.

Here’s the current bracket:

The DEATH POP DEATHMATCH is absolutely, hilariously overblown right now. I thought maybe a few dozen votes would happen for the winner, but I bet somebody hits 200 soon.

Anyway, the loss of Psybou Kanojo, who MUST be eliminated per the rules of the Corenament, means that our bracket has an issue, and that issue is a big empty spot.

So, I ask you, you frenzied bunch of cool people, how do we address this problem?

In the event that there’s no good consensus (like, several options are at least nearly tied), the consequence will be that the DEATHMATCH loser is added AND we re-seed; given the general shape of things, that’ll probably mean that they’ll be #1 overall.

Regardless, the actual Corenament will start tomorrow, though I may stagger the start a tiny bit because I don’t feel like staying up well past midnight for an umpteenth night in a row. 🙂

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