It’s about Time: Necronomidol to Release First Album

If you like Facebook as a way to keep up with idols, you could do a lot worse than following Necronomidol, who honestly probably have the best English-language outreach in the game (because their manager is American, see). And then you’d be privy to some of the most interesting news left in the year: There’s an album on the way!

Cover art for the upcoming album "Nemesis" by the Japanese black metal darkwave idol group Necronomidol

Because Ricky is very smart, Necroma’s Nemesis will be available via U.S. iTunes around the Feb. 17 release date. With fully re-recorded vocals and at least a few new tracks (15 total!), it’s probably going to be wonderfully dark and completely insane.

Necroma is heading to New Caledonia, of all places, for their next set of international performances. Like, I get that the South Pacific is cool, and it’s close to Australia and New Zealand and is probably doubling as a vacation destination for everybody, but … Ricky, seriously, how about some U.S. dates? Are you telling me that you don’t think you could get into a few Fringe Fests and the like in a densely populated region like the mid-Atlantic and make a pretty good showing?

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