Very Cool Track from Osaka Shunkashuto UPDATED

It’s not an album (yet) and it’s not a new single and it’s like two months old at this point, but here’s a previously-unknown-to me-but-definitely-a-released-single song from personal rock idol faves Osaka Shunkashuto:

Honestly, what is this song even doing? I feel like I’m watching Solid Gold with my parents and it’s 1982 and a heretofore unknown soul singer is making her big national debut and is about to go platinum before succumbing to a nasty heroin habit and dying at least a full decade too early, spawning a drawn-out tribute process on VH1.

That was kind of involved. But it’s a good song, no? Honestly, it sounds like soul. And that’s great. Soul music is good music. But it sounds so much like soul that it has to be a cover, right? Like, Osaka Shunkashuto does a ton of covers, and this is one, right? They didn’t just drop a soul song?

UPDATE: Holy shit, that’s one of their singles?! I didn’t know I could love Shukashun any more than I already do, but damn.