Oh Holy Shit, Osaka Shunkashuto’s Got an Album Coming … Tuesday! UPDATED

I feel a little ashamed of myself for not knowing this before, as I love Osaka Shunkashuto quite a bit, but I see via Pure Idol Heart that not only has the group joined the Fujiyama Project (as of October), but they’re releasing an album on Dec. 22.

Here’s a nice reminder that Osaka Shunkashuto is worth your time:

Fujiyama Project is kind of new, but they’re no joke: On the Sister Site That Is to Come, we’ll have several Fujiyama signees, including the delicious Niji no Conquistador and sora tob sakana, and there are some additional B-list idol groups on the roster so far. Osaka Shunkashuto will no doubt contribute to their growth, especially in the rapidly growing work of rock idols.

UPDATE: And now like all of Osaka Shunkashuto’s official videos have been either scrubbed or privatized on YouTube, presumably because of the album release. That’s a shame. We want to be able to be their fans, Fujiyama Project! They’re a lot more than “C’mon!” etc.! Just look at the cover photo on this post!