BiSH Saves Christmas (Eve), Embraces “Idolcore” Tag

Not to in any way run down the awesome album art that we got yesterday, but the Dec. 24 releases of TWO new tracks and an awesome international cover have me in a terrifically BiSHitty mood.

Somebody please romaji/translate this 身勝手あいにーじゅ title for me.

GOD am I happy about this song. Punk rock is at its most compelling when it’s being used in anthem form, and this song makes excellent use of a punk anthem around some softer moments, like something from a New America-era Bad Religion. I really like what BiSH has been doing since launch, with a much more refined sound than their predecessors at the same point, but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a worried that they’d de-edge themselves. So far, so good.


I’ll have a lot more to say about these songs, and I have a feeling this song in particular, when we’re finally able to listen to the whole album as a product. “Beautiful-sa,” though, feels like a lead MV song, just in the way that those punky bits are wrapped about a chorus with a cute hook (with an English word!).

The REALLy important takeaway, though, is that BiSH/WACK made use of the #idolcore tag on Soundcloud. That’s not a term that everybody signs on for (I first saw it used in conjunction with fan uploads of BiS songs), but I use it because I think it’s very good and descriptive and sounds awesome, so please, WACK, keep using it so I don’t need to feel weird about using it to describe you.

Once again, free download from Ototoy.


I’m embedding this whole tweet because you should follow and share and everything, not just enjoy the recording.