Details on the New BiSH Album

You’d think that there was some kind of strategy involved, what with the way that BiSH has something about themselves in the news damn near every day at this point, and the release of their second album is just a few weeks away.

I’m using the source because I enjoy the SEO potential, but you’ll find this stuff all over Twitter today.

This art:

Album cover for BiSH Brand-new Idol Shit second album Fake Metal Jacket

The album title (we’d heard “Full Metal Jacket” for a while) is newly updated to FAKE METAL JACKET, and they’re rocking a militarized look. BiSH is going to war?

The article has a track list, too, and it looks like this may be a little bit of a reboot (because new members?) with the addition of “Spark,” “MONSTERS,” “BiSH – Hoshi ga” and the song called in romaji on Soundcloud “salovercana” from their debut, plus everything they’ve released in MV or DL form since “OTNK.” There are some currently unknown titles on that list, so maybe we’ll get them before the Jan. 20 release.

Here’s “Spark” for those unfamiliar with the only recording of Yukako Love Deluxe’s vocals on a BiSH track.

“Recycled tracks! Bah humbug!” you say. Relax yourself. It’s a pretty common thing for idol units to do. Hell, BiS’s first album was half stuff that Pour Lui had released as a solo artist, and then they included “nerve” on every album going forward. BiSH is updating with the current membership’s vocals. No big deal.

Everything that we’ve heard from BiSH so far has been pretty great, so let’s hope for more MVs and get ready for that album that WACK is totally going to send me so I can do a full review (right?).

Album art for BiSH Brand-new Idol Shit second album Fake Metal Jacket
St. Chitti, I am unreasonably afraid of you.

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