Your Homicidols Weekender #56

Good morning! I don’t know about anybody else, but I just had one of the hardest weeks imaginable, just work-addled and stressful and barely coherent. Last night, I went to a holiday party that ended pretty early, only to get home and almost immediately pass out. Delicious. And next week’s only going to be worse! In fact, I’ll say it now: It’d be super if nothing of consequence happened.

Because! Let’s call today the last chance to add any final Best Of nominations (it’s not looking good for additions, tbh), so we can prep for real-deal voting next week. I’d like to throw in a few wrinkles but may simply be left out of time. So let’s get down to it — if you haven’t yet, play this week’s very good Fun, and then settle in for one weird-ass week in idol.

How Weird Was It?

It was so weird …

Someone got down to the driving force behind the effective end of Ladybaby:

Ha– Hanako-san?

sugartrap, please keep doing more:

New Devil ANTHEM — check it!

All right, who can tell me about this amazing project?

It’s the Babyraids JAPAN Super Live!:

Tweet of the week?

Himekyun Fruit Can Generation 2 went and added yet another member:

I’ll share FunFunFun until the end of time, or until Ruru stops posting tracks to Soundcloud:



Forever #TeamCinnamon:


Here she is training:

This is why you need to get into uijin:

Oomori Seiko is best:

Kindan no Tasuketsu is the most prolific thing in the world:

Sakura Gakuin managed to get another graduate into a metal project; this time, it’s Mirena in some opera doodad:

This tweet has me really excited to check out Pooping Emo someday:

That’s a joke, people; they’re Popping Emo

And speaking of Poppy:

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #56

    • Holy crap! Japanese studios just crank out these totally enjoyable tracks to support mf-ing 2D idols, and Western bands take years to write mediocre pablum. Don’t get it.

      I had to Google why that sounded familiar to me (it had been a long-ass time since I checked in on the SG Reddit) — so that’s where Hinata landed! Good for her.

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