The Friday Fun for Correcting Incorrect Corrections

Hi all! Well, on with the intro, let’s take a look at last week’s… um, what was the theme of last week’s Friday Fun again?

Jeez, I really need to get some sleep for once…

I was having some fun a few days back seeing what would happen if I typed WACK names into my phone and how my autocorrect would interpret them:

After getting a good chuckle out of such names as “Mom Plans”, “Stunk D” and “Yams Macho Mimi,” I thought, “Let’s try this with other idol names,” but then realised its more fun when I let the rest of you join in on the fun. Autocorrect (and predictive texting) can bring so much hilarity from all subjects, but to keep it relevant, we’re sticking to idol names. This can be either group names or member names. Tweet your funniest results with the hashtag #IdolAutocorrected, because with those BiS auditions Watanabe is probably looking for new stage name ideas and I think we owe him a favour. 😉

Have fun!