This Dots Release May Break Idol

The eminently crackable enigma that is Dots has been one of the best stories in idol from the very second that they debuted last year, and every new event and release seems like an even more ambitious project of art and performance than the last. Oh, and their music is exquisite, too.

My only regret about this upcoming album(!) is that it’s not out until January:

What can you even say about that? THE DANG THING DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A TITLE, AND NOT IN A LAZY WE’LL-GET-THERE WAY, BUT A WE-AREN’T-TITLING-THIS-ALBUM WAY. Will it even actually exist? This is what I mean by “break idol”: Idol itself can’t be broken — idol is as timeless and permanent as the spheres of heaven themselves — but because idol will have at least come very close to realizing its creative potential, and ergo will achieve a singularity (Singularidol! The technotarian gibberish machine!) that, when drawn into proximity with the Dotsularity, will achieve perfect annihilation of self and object.

Again, best art project in the idol world.

2 thoughts on “This Dots Release May Break Idol

  1. It has a title! It’s 9 (half-width) spaces. I swear they do this to make buying their CDs a challenge. (HINT: catalog number worked well last time – it’s TUR-021, though I’m not getting anything yet.)

    • Your use of the catalog number is a great idea and I’m be sure to try that out!

      When I ordered the previous Dots “CD”, I saved the confirmation email that takes me to the Amazon page, that way I click the link and see if the new release is listed yet, so there’s that.

      And the other method I’ve used is to just search “TRASH-UP!!”….. We could probably do an entire article called “How to search for Dots on the internet”!

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