Closing Time: Last Call for Your Best of 2017 Nominees

It took a while, gang — counting is hard! — but I finally got everybody’s nominees tallied for each category in the Best of 2017. The only thing left to do before we settle this? Figure out what happened in November that deserves to make the cut.

Rather than give up the actual, full list of nominees just yet, I’m approaching this in a completely new way: Below is a table; that table contains the least-vote getting actually qualified nominee per category. The task before you? If you think that something that came out in November (for instance, some highly anticipated album! some particularly violent MV!) needs to make the cut, then nominate it! BUT this isn’t a simple nomination — that thing you like needs to get at least as many nominations as the least vote-getting actually qualified nominee. Make sense?

Surprise of the Year
Cococo’s graduation (5)
Letdown of the Year
Babymetal, period (7)
B-side of the Year
“Pelican” – There There Theres (4)
Performance of the Year
Not Secured, Loose Ends / Next Music from Tokyo (4)
Collaboration of the Year
Aina the End x Ken Ken x Playstation (6)
Video of the Year
Yanakoto Sotto Mute, “Lily” (3)
Song of the Year
Broken by the Scream, “oh! my! ME*GA*MIに恋してる!” (4)
Saddest Departure
Debut of the Year (Individual)
Nagi, Gokigen Teikoku (5)
Debut of the Year (Group)
Single of the Year
Pikarin, “Baba Bahba Baumkuchen”
Most Poised to Break through in 2018
EP of the Year (actually currently seeking nominations that can do better than 3!)
Album of the Year
PassCode, ZENITH (6)
Performer of the Year
Montero, Screaming Sixties (4)
IDOL of the Year
There There Theres (8)

And how do you accomplish so herculean a task as to overcome such massive heavyweights as the three votes supporting “Lily”? Why, by getting your friends involved, sillies!

Some Additional FAQs

1. Can something that got nominated before be nominated again?

It sure can! Just make sure that it came out in November.

2. Can I nominate anything that came out before November?

Nope! It already lost (or, possibly, won) fair and square.

3. Can I nominate anything that came out after November?

Nope! The Official Best Of Fiscal Year runs December through November. Fight me.

4. Can I nominate anything that hasn’t come out yet?

Of course not, you insane person.

5. What next?

Next week, we vote for real!

4 thoughts on “Closing Time: Last Call for Your Best of 2017 Nominees

  1. November 29th: for your consideration:
    You’ll Melt More for Idol of the Year
    YOUTOPIA for Album of the Year

  2. As much as I’d like to nominate Kaqriyo Terror Architect – Yubikiri Genman for Single of the Year, I’d also hate to bump Pikarin off the list. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have any friends!


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